Welcome to Coupled With Christ! My wife and I have lived our lives, though not perfect, in submission to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Whether you have a deep relationship with Jesus or not, our hope is that this website would be a blessing to you, and we pray will encourage you toward the peace of God through the salvation in His Son.

Wedding EmbraceEach page of our site is intended to bless you in one form or another. We were married in August of 2011 and since then have had friends asking us to share how the Lord brought us together; the OUR STORY page seemed like a good way to share how God worked to unite us in marriage, a representation of Christ's relationship to His bride, the saints of God. The FAMILY page is where you will find pictures of... that's right, my family! They are the loveliest wife and three kids I've ever laid eyes on! On the videos page you'll never guess what you'll find! And if you're the type of person who enjoys a little poetry (or a lot of poetry) with a touch of beautiful music you might check out the Poetry & Music page.

Have you ever met the man who died for you? That's exactly what we want you to do on the MEET JESUS page. Of course his gift of salvation isn't obligatory, but when was the last time someone gave you a gift that you wouldn't receive? It would be obvious to note that the best way to learn about the Person who created the world would be to read His book, the Bible. We don't have the entire Bible on this website, yet we do want to discuss different applications of the Scripture with you in our blog SINNER'S SCROLL. I happen to be a sinner saved by grace, so it seemed fitting to jot a few words on that page.

Did you know that Jesus was a carpenter? In fact Jesus earthly father Joseph was also a carpenter. Working with wood is somewhat of a hobby of mine, more specifically I create wood models of various machines, be it airplanes, trains, boats, etc. More simply put I make toys, a process I would like to share in CARPENTER'S CORNER with those who would like to practice the same hobby for their children or friends. My wife and I want to hear your comments or questions; we invite you to share or ask questions on the CONTACT US page. Please offer suggestions on how we can make this website more engaging to you. Announcements will be posted on the updates page. Thank you!

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