2014: Of Birthdays, Weddings, and... Popcorn?

The year has swept passed us carrying new adventures and lots of weddings! Yes, that's right; three friends and family have already been married half way through the year with three more before the year end. Needless to say our life has been busy! So how about a little review thus far...

couch potatoeslittle shepherd

uncle andygrandpa and cousingrandpa

Uncle Andrew came out to pick everyone up in the spring for Aunt Emily's wedding and a couple days later everybody had a nice breakfast with Cousin Andy and Grandpa!

Isaiah breakfastroses

with grandpagrandparents

After breakfast all these ladies worked on roses for the wedding... lots of roses! There was something called a rehearsal and the next day a wedding. Isaiah played it cool when he lined up for a pic with Uncle Andrew, Grandma, and Grandpa.

wedding partyNathaniel and Rachelle

The wedding pary including Aunt Xiu Ying, Allison, Emily, now Uncle Mark, Mommy (Rachelle), and other family and friends gathered for a picture. Daddy said Mommy was gorgeous! Daddy and Mommy (Nathaniel & Rachelle) also had their picture taken together. Click on above pictures to enlarge.

kitchen playMommy and baby

Back at grandpa and grandma's house, Isaiah and Lilia discovered a kitchen play center, but all the cooking exhausted Lilia. Later in the summer daddy built them a play kitchen of their own you can see here.


On memorial day daddy went on a family "Men's" camping trip with his friend Kevin.

with grandmasleeping with grandpa

with great grandpa

Everyone took a trip to South Dakota where we spent the day celebrating Great Grandpa's 70th birthday. Lilia spent much of her time looking for the most comfortable lap including grandma's and the birthday boy (left). Isaiah was sleepy and cuddled in grandpa's arms for a nap. Below we took a 4 generation picture of Great Grandpa with his oldest son Alan, his oldest son Nathaniel, and his (my) oldest son Isaiah. Rachelle and Lilia got pictures with grandma and great grandma too! Click on below pictures to enlarge.

4 gen picrelatives


Lewis and Clark MemLewis and Clark Mem 2

Grandpa and Grandma came out to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. Click on above pictures to enlarge.


outingouting 2

At home Isaiah and Lilia open gifts from Grandpa and Grandma!

gifts 1gifts 2

gifts 3gifts 4

gifts 5chilling

Finally the twins chill in their old car seats.

parade 1parade 2parade 3

Lilia watches eagerly for the 4th of July parade with Great Grandma. Isaiah not so much.

twins chairtwins chair 2

There's no better chair in the house for watching "Baby Signing Time"!

popcorn 1popcorn 2

popcorn 3popcorn 4

Is there anything better than popcorn? Not to this pair of twins!

anniversary 3rainbow

Mommy and Daddy take a third year anniversary picture at the very place Daddy proposed to Mommy! A beautiful ending to a wonderful day!

UP Museumcampain car children

Family trip to the Union Pacific museum in Council Bluffs

campain car children 2

George H. W. Bush was the last President to make campaign speeches from a rail car, thus Union Pacific made this mach back section of a rail car as a stage platform for his last convention speech. Lilia decides to try her turn at rail car campaigning!

mommy and kidsdynamite

Much as the Bison scared Isaiah and Lilia who had never seen one before the dynamite proved to be more terrifying.

little conductorslittle conductors 2

After brief evaluation these little conductors felt quite comfortable handling this train simulator.