With the current and growing hanger of wooden aircraft I thought it best to dedicate a page to airplanes; if that is what you are here to see then you've come to the right place! So welcome aboard; all first class visitors and those with strollers can view pictures now.

757El Salvador

This airplane was one of the first I made back in 2007 shortly after I had gone on a mission's trip with my grandfather to El Salvador (Lago De Coatepeque on Right). Our international flight was on a Boeing 757 from Houson, TX to San Salvador, so this model represents that aircraft (we flew Continental).


Left is an Embraer and right is an unfinished Boeing 747

balsa planes

These are balsa airplanes ranging from 2"-4", an art I picked up from my grandfather who carved balsa planes during WWII. Most of the planes I made were carved based on his old airplane spotter booklet.


In time I transitioned into larger wooden airplanes ranging from 6"-18"


B52 on left, C130s on right


B25s on left, P51 Mustangs on right


F4s on left, CH-47 Chinook and Huey on right

sopwith camelDC3

Sopwith Camel on left, DC3/C47 on right (unfinished)

A7airplane shelf

A7s a mascott of this region of Iowa, and airplane shelf on right


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