Our First Kiss




First of all, one’s first kiss is a huge thing…it’s an experience that many long for and dream of.  Once given away, you can never get it back…

I have been asked many times what my first kiss was like.  When one has had their first kiss, the questions that are often asked are:

"Was it everything you dreamed it would be?" 

"How did it feel?" 

"What was it like?"

"Was it worth waiting for?"

These questions have been asked me over and over again.  One thing that many people already know is that I made a lifelong commitment to saving my very first kiss for my wedding day when I would be able to fully and freely give it away in purity to my husband upon being pronounced husband and wife.  I knew that I wanted to give my first kiss away to only one man…a special gift to be cherished by my husband.

My husband also had the same lifelong commitment of saving his very first kiss for his own wedding day.  Such a commitment is not an easy one.  It was a miracle how the Lord brought us together and even more of a miracle that we shared the same commitment in purity.  It made our deep friendship even more special.  During our engagement/betrothal period, it wasn’t always easy to brush off the temptation of giving each other a kiss.  We are human like everyone else with temptations like everyone else.  It was, however, our personal choice to keep our purity level and standards high…we pretty much had someone with us at all times.  My brother, Jonathan, was a most faithful chaperone.  It wasn’t that no one trusted us and it wasn’t that we didn’t trust ourselves, but we knew that it was safer and less risky to have people holding us accountable to our purity so that we could enter into that new joy on our wedding day as my father said, “Nathaniel, you may now kiss your bride!”

So you ask, “When that day finally came where you could give away your first kiss…was it everything you had hoped your first kiss would be like?!”  The answer to that question is simple.  It was the most amazing moment on earth!  It wasn’t just the kiss that was so special, but the fact that we were both sharing in that first moment together.  It was the fact that we had people witnessing our union in purity; it was the fact that we had our parent’s blessings, and most of all, it was the fact that we knew our Heavenly Father was smiling down upon us as we took that huge step forward and had become husband and wife…a lifelong dream of both of ours.

I don’t regret waiting.  You know that saying, “Sweet 16 and never been kissed”?  Well, I was so happy to be able to say, “I’m 23 and I’ve still not been kissed!” The Lord did a wonderful thing that day!  Because of our choice to wait and share our first kiss on our wedding day, each kiss since then has been miraculous.  We waited 23 long years and it’s not about to become “boring” or “second rate”.  We were each other’s “first”, and there is nothing more wonderful, awesome, and fulfilling than that.  Finally, after many years, we were able to understand fully the love that Christ has toward His bride.  That one kiss said SO many things:

“You’re worth waiting for!”

“I esteem and cherish you so highly, that I’m willing to lay down my life and my desires, and give everything I have to you both physically and emotionally.”

“Even before I knew you, I loved you so much that I promised to save my first kiss for you!”

These are the things that my heart felt as I gave my kiss to my husband and received his in return.  It was truly a beautiful thing for us both.

This discussion/blog/entry…whatever you’d like to call it, is not meant in any way to bring remorse, hurt, or guilt upon others.  I had simply decided that after many years of being asked why I was saving my first kiss, and what my first kiss was like, and why it was so special, that I’d write about it and share it with the world in hopes that it would answer questions.  Everything mentioned above was solely the personal choice and commitment of me and my husband. 

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who DID hold us accountable..my family and all my friends, who prayed for us during our childhood into our engagement, and for all those who came to witness us as we finally gave of ourselves to each other for the first time.

First Kiss Coupled With Christ