Kitchen Play Center

After spending some time playing with Grandpa and Grandma's play kitchen Isaiah and Lilia decided to have daddy build them one of their own... so I set off on a weekend project. -which turned into a multiple weekend project; which turned into a multiple month project. But I digress.

Anyway, with the goal in mind and some scrap lumber lying around I set about on the task of building a children's kitchen center and here are the pictures of progress below.

kitchen 1kitchen 2

The first step was building a frame and countertop which came together rather quickly.

kitchen 3

Then came the hassle of cutting out the window, sink, and first layer of paint.


Doors and microwave were assembled, more paint added, and racks put in place.


The microwave received a working turntable with operating lever underneath.

kitchen 9kitchen

With a few more coats of paint, stain, hinges, faucet, and handles the kitchen was brought inside.


The backside of the kitchen has chalkboard paint for additional hours of fun, and a cute little boy in the window!


The wall was too plain, so I added some grape vines.

A range and knobs were completed.


Isaiah conducts some testing to be sure everything is functioning well.

Yep, all works fine including the push button to open the microwave door.

But final approval just can't be had without a woman's touch...

Yes, this will work, now we can cook!

cloth fruit

Time to eat!! Thanks for stopping by!


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