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Rachelle has used her God given talent of poetry to create a couple pieces which she has made available for you on Youtube at the following links:

I Will Choose to Smile

It's Time For Spring

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  • Awake, My Bride! Awake!
  • The Beauty of a Vessel
  • No Greater Love
  • Cleansed White As Snow
  • A Blossoming Beauty
  • Footprints
  • Words of Love


Awake, My Bride! Awake!

My precious bride, beloved, my return is at the door.
I'm sending you a warning that I hope you won't ignore.
The whisper of my gentle voice has beckoned you draw near,
But the noise of sin has deafened you; my voice you cannot hear.

Long ago I came to earth to do my Father's will.
Redemption was the master plan He sent me to fulfill.
A mission full of righteousness to seek and save the lost,
To betroth you to myself for which my life would be the cost.

On the cross my blood was shed to give eternal life.
I took you to myself as a husband would his wife.
My love for you so great that I bore your sin and shame;
Once received, this gift ensures your life won't be the same.

A gift so high in grace, yes a gift so full and free!
It offers true forgiveness once your heart is turned to me.
A peace that overflows your being; joy that is complete;
A confidence in me alone that never knows defeat!

All of this, my love, my bride, I want you to possess,
That you may go about in faith rewarded with success!
But you've allowed this evil world to turn your heart away.
You've rebelled from what I've taught you and persist to disobey.

Presently the life you're living echoes not my own.
So falsehoods and confusion are the seeds that you have sown.
The fruit produced from all this seed is bitter to the taste.
I'm warning you this bitter fruit shall surely go to waste.

For, those that do not know me, in despair have come to you.
Their empty lives search desperately to find the tried and true.
Because you have forsaken me, believing Satan's lies,
None of these can see me when they look into your eyes.

Yet you press on blindly, seeking not the things above.
I'm grieved that you have left me; I'm no longer your first love.
But idols have replaced me; yes, your heart is hard as stone.
Where once bloomed fragrant flowers; thorns have overgrown.

Your iniquities are many, your abominations great!
The haughtiness that lives within you, all of these I hate!
But return to me with all your heart, a holy life to live.
My arms are always open wide to mercifully forgive.

But if you give no heed to this warning I have sent;
To die to all unrighteousness and humbly to repent;
I'll spew you from my mouth with your wickedness and pride.
I cannot dwell within a life where all these sins abide.

I'm imploring you, beloved; you must listen to my voice!
You can't serve both the world and me; you've got to make a choice!
Awake, my bride! Awake! My commands and laws to keep!
But, beware lest when I come I should find that you're asleep!

© Copyright 2009 by Rachelle L. DeRoos

All rights reserved


The Beauty of a Vessel

I’m standing; oh I’m standing at Heaven’s golden gate,
And for my precious Savior I’ll patiently await.
Come quickly; oh come quickly my Savior, come and see,
And remove all my impurities out of me.

My life was once a vessel that stood all by itself
Upon an old rugged and dusty wooden shelf.
I prayed and I cried for a friend to come my way,
But no one ever wanted a vessel of clay.

I looked across the room at a vessel painted gold.
It had a crowd of viewers and finally was sold.
Such shame and such sadness did fill my every thought
As I faced the fact that I’d never be bought.

I stood there with such grief as a vessel of no worth.
Losing all hope for a friend upon this earth.
My polish was faded; my colors were dim;
So my chance to have a master was now very slim.

One day I saw a man as he walked into the shop.
Every other vessel did call on him to stop.
He smiled but kept on walking till at last by me he stood.
His eyes gazed on my heart where no other man would.

He gently picked me up with his hands of tend‘rest care.
I felt his soothing touch take each burden I did bear.
I looked into his eyes which were full of glistening tears.
He then spoke words of love that removed all my fears.

He said “my precious child I have known you very well.
I knew your thoughts of shame when you thought you’d never sell.
I knew your desperation; I heard you when you cried;
I felt the bitter mourning you heart held inside.

With patience you have waited even when no person came.
That is why I’m here my child, Jesus is my name.
I’ve come to redeem you and make you my own.
You’ll never again feel like you’re all alone.”

His words healed my heart when I thought all hope was lost,
But His precious life, yes His blood it had cost.
For me He was beaten; my cross He hung upon;
His blood made me whole all my sins are now gone.

My life is now a vessel to be used forevermore.
I sit upon His table as from me His blessings pour.
No other man could heal me or fix my brokenness,
But Jesus came and blessed me with pure happiness.

The beauty of a vessel does not come from its art.
The beauty comes from love that is found within the heart
Although our lives are fragile, they can be very blessed.
Just give you life to Jesus, and He will give you rest!

Copyright ©2007 by Rachelle L. DeRoos

All rights reserved.


No Greater Love

Such great mercy, such great love, does our Savior show.
No other friend as great as Him, does our whole world know.
In His hands our lives He holds with gentleness and care.
He laughs with us and weeps with us, our grief He’ll gladly bear.

He knows our thoughts, hears our words, and sees our every tear.
Even in our darkest days He’s always very near.
To Him we all are special and His love flows deep and wide.
His arms are always open and we all can fit inside.

His love for us each day doesn’t ever cease to climb.
His love is full of mysteries enduring all of time.
His love is like a spring of water, crystal clear and clean
And the beauties of an ocean with its depth that can’t be seen.

Just look at His hands and feet, love’s mark is there today.
He came and washed us with His blood, He cleansed our sins away.
There is no greater love than the giving of His life,
For a world so full of bitterness, hatred, and of strife.

Our Savior and our friend, our precious Lord and King,
To Him we owe our hearts, lives, and love, our everything!
He healed the blind; He healed the deaf; He healed the sick and lame;
He forgave us our iniquities; He bore our guilt and shame.

He alone deserves our praise for He’s our greatest friend!
Our precious Savior promised He’d be with us till the end!
No more sadness, no more pain, He’s come to make us free.
He wants our every burden, He said, “Please give them to me!”

Oh Lord, make us worthy of your gift so rich in grace!
Help our eyes to see you as we strive to seek your face!
This is our prayer, oh Lord, please grant our heart’s desire,
Please give us lots of strength as we endure refiner’s fire!

May you use our lives to reflect your perfect will!
And may you find us faithful, and choose to use us still!
We want the world to see your love in everything we do!
Help us as we win lost souls and bring them close to you!


Copyright © 2006 by Rachelle L. DeRoos
All rights reserved.


Cleansed White As Snow

Oh Lord, I want to live for you
I want to serve you all my days.
Oh Lord, give me the strength I need
So I can follow in your ways.

I want stand at your throne.
I want to worship you alone.
I want to go where you send.

You’re my Lord, my King, my Prince of Peace,
my Savior, and my Friend.

Oh Lord, my life belongs to you
Take and use me as you will.
Oh Lord, even if it’s hard
I will choose to listen still.

I want to sing and rejoice.
I want to lift up my voice.
I want to lift up each hand.

You’re my life, my love, my everything,
the Rock on whom I stand.

Oh Lord, your living water
Is all that I seek.
Oh Lord, I long to grow in you
Make me one that is meek.

I want to look on your face.
I want to bathe in your grace.
I want to give all I am.

You’re my Jesus, my Redeemer,
Mighty God, The perfect Lamb.

Oh Lord, remove each wicked sin
That is keeping me from you.
Oh Lord, remove it from my life
And make my life brand new.

Because with you gladness reigns.
Not a slight fear remains.
Every battle’s been won.

You’re Jehovah Jireh, my Provider,
and God’s precious Son.

Oh Lord, please come and mold me
Into a vessel strong and pure.
Oh Lord, I know that in your arms
I am safe and secure.

And when in Heaven we meet
I’m going to bow at your feet.
I’m going to shew forth your praise.

You’re the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
the Ancient of Days.

And we’ll walk side by side
Where only peace and love abide.
I’ll be cleansed white as snow.

I will dance and sing with all my being
As Heaven’s trumpets blow!
Yes, I will dance and sing with all my being
when I’m cleansed white as snow!

Copyright © 2007 by Rachelle L. DeRoos

All rights reserved.


A Blossoming Beauty

The butterfly, a beauty that flies gracefully about;
Its beauty started inward, but it worked its way without.
The stages that it went through took a lot of time and care
Until its figure formed and it could fly within the air.

Its colors shimmer brightly, but be careful when you touch,
For you will mar its beauty if you handle it too much.
Though it has such splendor it is delicate in frame,
And you, my blooming beauty, were created just the same.

You must be kept unhandled by any hands but mine.
For you are my creation and were formed with great design.
You were made with love and your beauty lies within.
You must be kept protected from this world that’s full of sin.

Other hands will mar your splendor, trust me, they will try.
And you’ll become more delicate like a butterfly.
Your wings will not be strong; your incentive will be weak,
But you’ll regain your strength if it’s strength in me you seek.

I’ve taught you how to spread your wings of virtue and of truth.
You’ve been carried on a gentle breeze, the purity of youth.
As you’ve grown your beauty to the surface has appeared,
And soon you’ll flit about, for your pathway I have cleared.

Remember, you are mine and so precious to my heart!
It brings me joy to say you’ve been faithful from the start!
A beauty that has blossomed as you’ve sought for me above;
It’s time for me to let you fly; I’m watching you, my love!

© Copyright  2009 by Rachelle L. DeRoos
All rights reserved



Last night I had a dream so real;
The facts of which I’ll now reveal.
Upon the sands of time I stood;
The sand was soft; the breeze felt good.

Then Jesus came to my delight;
His clothes were of the purest white.
He took my hand into His own,
As on the shore we stood alone.

Into His eyes of love I gazed,
My beating heart transfixed, amazed.
His face gleamed with grace so tender;
Flawless beauty; perfect splendor.

On the shore of life we walked,
And laughed together as we talked.
I saw His footprints next to mine;
With two sets present all was fine.

But then there flashed before my eyes,
Scenes that caught me by surprise;
Scenes of life with hurt and pain,
With others yet of cruel disdain.

As I observed each scene that passed,
One detail I discovered fast.
I held my breath, began to shake,
And felt as if my heart would break.

One set of footprints did I see.
It seemed like He’d abandoned me.
Lord, help me please to understand,
This set of footprints in the sand.

Why when troubles take their lead,
Would you ignore me as I plead?
When you were with me, I was strong.
Reveal to me what I’ve done wrong!

 At times, this battle seems but lost;
I faint beneath extreme exhaust.
My body’s weak; my mind’s off you;
And sinful flesh obstructs my view.

This heavy yoke I cannot bear.
I sink and wallow in despair.
In pain so great, I start to cry.
I feel as if I’m going to die……

   …..Then I heard a voice of love,
Calling gently from above.
Its power none can comprehend;
Its greatness rules without an end.

As I heard the voice, I knelt.
I can’t describe the peace I felt!
A thousand tears I must have shed,
As this voice above me, said,

“My precious child, my love runs deep!
It hurts my heart to see you weep!
I would not leave, I’m always near
To hold you close and wipe each tear!

My love for you is like a fire;
Burning bright with great desire;
Flames that rise with zealous heat;
A love unquenched; a love complete.

So, when you feel all hope is gone,
And that my grace has been withdrawn,
Remember, through all raging wars,
This battle, child, is mine not yours.

Forsaken footprints, near the shore?
These are mine, your grief I bore!
I carried you when you were weak;
Your heart so full you couldn’t speak.

I saw the many tears you cried;
I felt your longing deep inside;
I heard the silent words you prayed,
And hastened quickly to your aid!

I picked you up and walked for miles,
Gladly bearing all your trials;
Pushing all your past behind;
Loosing chains that firmly bind.

Now, my child, you’re free and whole, 
From every sin that’s plagued your soul!
Walk onward in my love and grace,
At all times looking on my face.

For in this world of lust and hate,
Your testing’s’ will indeed be great,
But follow me; I’ll lead the way;
My footprints guiding day by day.”

© Copyright 2009 by Rachelle L. DeRoos
All rights reserved


Words of Love

My child, please draw near to me.
Your face is one I long to see.
I want to spend some time with you
And bring back memories we once knew.

My child you are growing fast.
You’ve changed since I saw you last.
Your eyes still sparkle like the sun;
Your hair still dances when you run.

Please come and hold my hand a while.
I want to see your pretty smile.
Feel my hands, you’ll feel their love
That reaches past the skies above

I want to hold you in my arms
And keep you safe from all life’s harms.
Please put your trust in me alone.
You’ll understand when you are grown.

For now let’s pick the flowers fair
And put them nicely in your hair.
We’ll lay upon the grass so green
And breathe the air so crisp and clean.

We’ll watch the lovely birds that fly
And listen to the stream nearby.
We’ll smell the blossoms of the trees
And feel the freshness of the breeze.

Oh yes my child, I love you so!
There’s one last thing you need to know.
Please listen close to what I say.
You’ll need these words of love someday.

Just know that I am always here.
My heart will always hold you dear.
And when your body’s old and weak,
And wrinkles set onto each cheek,

My love for you did not decrease.
My presence with you did not cease.
My arms still longed to hold you tight.
You still were lovely in my sight.

And now since I have shared my heart
And we’ve admired nature’s art
I know this time you’ll understand
When I say come and hold my hand.

Copyright © 2007 by Rachelle L. DeRoos
Date written: Oct. 16-17, 2007.  Age: 19
All rights reserved


Nathaniel has also written a couple poems below, "In Christ, The Victory" and "The Laborer"
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  • The Laborer
  • In Christ, The Victory



To serve His children, willingly go
To worlds unknown and there bestow
His acts of mercy, His love so kind.
We are the branches, and He the vine.

He said the harvest truly is great;
It was my time to demonstrate
All devotion and gratefulness
For the blood of Christ and His duress.

What will I do? I cannot say,
For God may have another way,
But He shall with me remain still
If I complete His holy will.

I long to speak the truth, the plan,
And help to save my fellow man.
Though quite unworthy, still I plee:
That I, O Lord, be sent for Thee.

“Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.”
Luke 10:2



“Oh Lord when death overtakes us Why do we feel such pain?
Have you left us, are we abandoned? Life is nothing more than strain.

Loved ones dying, children crying, What hope is there ahead?
For after years of work and suffering We find ourselves on death’s bed.

Why would you allow this happen When a loving God you claim to be?
All this talk of mercy and grace Or your love like the open sea.”

-Oh the foolish thought of mortal man To condemn the God above
Who gave us His only Son To die in the bonds of love.

It is not you, Lord, who caused our anguish, But rather the result of sin.
The eating of a simple fruit, Our pride and spite to win.

You warned us, God, that we would fail If we headed not your Word,
Yet in our manly wisdom Our own will we secured.

Thus sin and death passed to us all. Our iniquity due in full
Is the pain we here travail, And later hell awaits our soul.

So when our life has sorrow And burdens come our way,
with no hope for the future And loved ones pass away,

I will not cry to blame You For my own will, I’ve obeyed;
My misery upon me Are the choices I have made.

Yet merciful you are, dear Jesus; My soul Thou hast loved
To die in my place— Your Father wept above.

You took my sin upon You, Beaten for my shame,
Carried the cross I made, Nailed beneath your name.

Bleeding for my sin, So viciously marred and bruised.

It was your perfect sacrifice That alone my soul can save
From the errors of my sin Washed clean in Thy redemptive wave.

Not so hard that it is hidden from children Nor bound up in religious lies,
The power to save is revealed in Your Word By trusting in Christ, our God only wise.

So when I cry, “Dear Jesus!” Your listening ear I have
Because with your blood I’m purchased, And my wounds healed by your salve.

You are my Master, so let me praise You, Singing glory to your throne;
Holy, holy, holy is the Godhead, Greatness the world has never known.

I understand now, Lord, That you made us with great pride;
It is our sin that has kept us From being by your side.

Confusion we have had With the words that Scripture paints
Saying, “Precious in the sight of the Lord Is the death of His saints.”

But, God, it is not our death Which pleases you to see,
But the reuniting of your child At long last home to Thee.

We have played the prodigal, Wretched and undeserving,
Our rebellion was magnified I’m so sorry I’ve left you hurting.

Still you love me without reserve And tell me so each day;
Through the pureness of Your Word, Reveal to me the Way.

I fear not death, for it You conquered When You died and rose again.
I through You, have the flesh forsaken, Walking in Truth, I say Amen.

“O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”
They are no more; they have been paid. The Bible has the story.

Now our thanks be to God, His victory we’re given
Through our Lord Jesus Christ Whom we shall see in heaven.

So my friend, if you do not believe That you have a hope and future,
It may well be that you should now Accept the Lord, your Savior.

“And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Acts 2:21




Rachelle's brother Josiah has written a few songs to share with you on Youtube at the following links:

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