Pure Bride Video

In representation of Christ's return for His bride coming on a white horse, my wife and I wanted our wedding to be themed upon this. Therefore we created a video of myself coming for my bride on a white horse; this video was played at the start of the service. When the black screen appears the 10 virgins (bride's maids) walked down the aisle with burning lamps in hand. The video posted has our primary slide showing through the video, but in the wedding service the room was dark with the 10 virgins' candles glowing as they walked the aisles. At the end of the video I then proceeded down the aisle accompanied by my groomsmen (4 more virgins). When the 16 virgins in total finally stood on the stage the complete representation of Christ's pure bride was displayed. Our encouragement to all is to remain chaste spiritually and prepared for the Lord Jesus Christ's return.

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The Bride and her 10 Virgins

10 Virgins in Wedding

The Groom and his Groomsmen