Toy Ships and Submarines

ship fleetship trio

sailing ships

These are some sailing ships I recently made. Small to large they are a Caravel, Ship-of-the-Line(s), and Man-of-War each carrying a cannon or two.

caravelship of the line

ship of the line 2man of war ship


"Rig for Red! Set course for heading two-niner-zero, all ahead full! Ready aft tubes one, two, and three!"

"Aye, aye, Captain! TDC set for approaching target at 1200 yards, calculations at 80% and closing."

Sub tenderToy Submarines

Welcome aboard submariner, why don't you take control for a while as I check a radio transmission. Take a look at my logbook when you get a chance.


Battle Stations

Depth Charge

Torpedo Attack

sd radarthrottlered button



Captain's Logbook

Japanese Ships from WWII


Akagi Aircraft Carrier 855' 37,100 tons

akagi deck


Nitta Maru (Japanese) 558' 17,000 tons

merchant ship

Kamogawa Maru (Japanese) 456' 9,300 tons


Genyo Maru (Japanese) ~423' 10,000 tons


Natori Class Light Cruiser CL 8-13 (Japanese)
535' 5,570 tons normal
7x 5" guns, range 19,000 yds
3x 3" Anti Aircraft (AA) guns, range 9,000 yds
8x 21" torpedo tubes twin mounts
80 mines, 24 depth charges




United States Ships from WWII


Above: US Escort Carrier CVE-57 Coral Sea (United States) 510'
Fast, easy enemy surveilance; great for hunting wolfpacks!


Above: USS Holland AS-3 Submarine Tender (United States)
Stationed in the Philippines and Australia during WWII to assist submarines in the Pacific
Carried food, ammunitions, fuel/oil to replenish submarines returning from their tour


Above: Tench and Narwhal Class submarines


Above: S Class submarine used in WWI and WWII


Above right: submarines under repair and reloading from the USS Holland

subescort carrier display


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