Train Structures

It isn't enough to have a company of locomotives if they don't have anywhere to go; hence the need for train structures.


Animal Habitats

Fun Zoo

Zoo 1

Zoo 2Zoo 3

Zoo 4Zoo 5

Jurassic Park (Still in buiding process)

Jurassic Park 1Jurassic Park 2

Jurassic Park 3Jurassic Park 4

Sea Structures

Sea World (Coming Soon)

Sea World

Aquarium Car for the transportation of Sea Life:

Aquarium Car


tall wood lighthouseshort wood lighthouse


Train Bridges

train bridge

Single Train Bridge 1Double Train Bridge 1

The above single drawbridge is made almost entirely out of 1/2" pine and plenty of acrylic paint. The trees were an afterthought, but I like how they turned out and gave more realism to the bridge. Initially they were supposed to be vines climbing up the wall, but I think they really look more like trees.

This double drawbridge is based off one I saw online, but the one I had seen was plain gray and had only two tracks going beneath the bridge. I preferred to customize the paint job a bit and add a couple more tracks underneath. This was definitely challenging to get everything to work, but it does. Turning the knob will simultaneously raise both bridges allowing the trains to pass beneath. (Click on above photos to enlarge)


Train Destinations and Terminals

Train Station and Wash

Train Station 1train wash 2

Tropicana Plant


Juice Train

Juice Train

Sawmill (Coming Soon)



Miscellaneous Structures

After building the Titan 21 locomotive it necessitated that I build a Titan missile and launch pad to pull behind it. The Titan missiles were transported on a double rail system so I built a platform that could fit nicely over my existing flatbed cars spanning two tracks.

titan transport

Titan missile


More to come so check back soon. Thanks!

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