Train Construction

Construction of Locomotive Engines

Train assembly line
train assembly

Truck parts and mobility
train partstrain turn

train curve 1train curve 2

I had built a great number of steam and diesel engines before I ventured into the world of Thomas and Friends, but there comes a time when one has to add these anthropomorphised engines to the toy train collection. I started out as I do with any locomotive by drawing some basic blueprints to follow (Thomas 1, Thomas 2), then cut out and glued all the pieces together. A morning cup of coffee goes a long way in making the whole experience more enjoyable! Anyway, after all the detailed parts have been added the fun begins, at least I always found the first coat of paint to be an exciting step. Many days and layers of paint later you get a mostly complete set of models. Finally customized decals, wheels, and magnetic couplers are added to finish the Thomas and Friends crew. What a useful group of engines they are!

Thomas Trains 1Thomas Trains 2Thomas Trains 3Thomas and Friends


Construction of Train Destinations

While I have historically used very basic rectangular bases and straight routered tracks for my previous structures I decided to step out of my comfort zone and yielded some positive results. Taking 1/2" plywood, draw out a rough design, grab the plunge router, and make a one of a kind train destination.

Sea World 1Sea World 2Sea World 3

One of my favorite modeling resources is Realistic Water that I order online as used in the Sea World example above. I stencil a water surface with 2-3 hues of blue and when dry add a thin layer of Realistic Water. 24 hours later you have a convincing pool, river, lake, whatever you want!

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was the sister project to Sea World. I used 16 gauge wire for the outer electric fence, stenciled the gates for a stone look and ground for a grassy texture, hot glued the real stones and lichen into place, and added some trees (not pictured above).


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