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Train Rack DisplayWelcome to my wooden rail junction! I made a few wood toy trains in 2008, but my real train building experience didn't come until the start of 2014 when I ventured into the world of Thomas/Brio compatible trains. I was fortunate to come across a website by Evan Stephens who shares the same love for this hobby; his website was a great resource for me as I launched into this new category of toy making. I encourage you to visit his site here.

I couldn't build just a train or two for my children; no, being a glutton for punishment I rather jumped in with both feet because if you want to conduct a miniature railway you really need to have an adequate supply of locomotives and freight cars, which I do. I figured that if I'm going to be playing trains with my children over the years then I need to make the experience such that I can enjoy that time with them on a level that is more interesting to me. Yes the truth is that toy trains are really about daddy, but my kids enjoy them too!


So that being said I have seperated my train galleries into 3 sections which are the finished trains below, a page with train structures/destinations, and a page showing some of the phases of construction. Feel free to visit the links below:

Train Structures Gallery

Train Construction Page

I have divided the trains below into categories, namely those of specific railways in North America, but you will also find some miscellaneous locomotives and perhaps a few fictional pieces made for the fun of it. Don't hesitate to contact metrain layout with any questions you might have and I would be happy to answer as best I can.

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Train Gallery

Union Pacific Logo.svgUNION PACIFIC (UP), headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska was Incorporated on July 1, 1862 through an act of Congress and approved by President Abraham Lincoln. It was established to build the first transcontinental rail line from Council Bluffs IA to San Francisco Bay, California, meeting at Promontory Summit, Utah. Union Pacific is a Class 1 Railroad with 9,000 locomotives, 32,000 route miles in 23 states, with more than 50,000 employees, making it the largest rail network in the United States. Operating west of the Mississippi, its primary competitor is BNSF.

Map of Union Pacific Rail Network and Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Council Bluffs, Iowa:
Union Pacific Railroad system map.svg

UP Switcher UP Streamline

UP GP38-2


UP 4141 George Bush

UP Centennial Train

BNSF logo.svg             Burlington Northern Logo.pngBNSF Railway system map.svg
BURLINGTON NORTHERN SANTA FE (BNSF), headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, began in 1849 with Aurora Branch Railroad in Illinois and Pacific Railroad of Missouri. Aurora Branch developed to become Chicago, Burlington (IA), and Quincy Railroad (CB&Q) eventually becoming Burlington Northern in 1970. A merger in 1994 with ATSF (Santa Fe) yielded the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) that we know today. An attempt was made in 1999 to merge with Canadian National Railway, another Class 1 railroad, but this was blocked to preserve competition.

BNSF is a Class 1 railroad with a history of 160 years, established as the second largest rail network in the United States. It is the conglomeration of 400 rail lines, 7,000 locomotives, 32,500 route miles, and more than 43,000 employees.

BN GP38-2BNSF GP38-2BN Freight Train

Burlington Northern operated from 1970 to 1996 at which time it merged with the well known Santa Fe company to create BNSF which we see running today.


Santa Fe Streamline


CSX transp logo.svg             153x31CSX Transportation system map.svg
CSX Transportation, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, was formed in 1986 by merging Chessie System and Seaboard System Railroad. The merger became known as “Chessie and Seaboard” and finally just CSX serving rail transportation east of the Mississippi. It is a Class 1 railroad with 3,600 locomotives, 21,000 route miles in 23 states, and more than 34,000 employees. Main competitors include Norfolk Southern Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway.

CSX Freight Train

Chessie Freight Train



Chessie GP38-2CSX F40PH

Chessie LogoChessie Cat ModelIn 1973, the B&O, C&O, and WM train systems changed their names to the Chessie System. The "sleeping cat" would eventually become part of the CSX Corporation in 1980 when it joined Seaboard Coast Line Industries Inc.



CSX Juice Train

The juice train that CSX operates delivers fresh orange juice from Bradenton, FL to Jersey City, NJ each week which has become an example of how rail transportation can compete against trucking with perishable goods.

Tropicana TankerTropicana Box Car


CN Railway logo.svgCanadian National System Map.PNG
Canadian National Railway (CN), headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, was incorporated June 6, 1919 and played a large role in the development and implementation of the CN Telegraph, CNR Radio, building and operating resort hotels as well as the CN Steamship Company. It is a Class 1 railroad, holding the title of the largest and only transcontinental railway in Canada. Canadian National Railway owns 22,000 route miles, has over 22,000 employees, and carries the slogan, “North America’s Railroad”.

CN Train 1CN Train 2

CN GP38-2



Nsheadlogo.svg       Conrail logo.svgNorfolk Southern Railway system map.svg
Norfolk Southern Railway, formerly Consolidated Rail Corporation, is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia and began as Norfolk & Western in 1881, later becoming Southern Railway System in 1894, then Conrail in 1976. In 1982 it became the Norfolk Southern Corporation later renamed the Norfolk Southern Railway in 1990. The primary commodity hauled is coal from mines in the Northeastern states. It is a Class 1 railroad with 3,500 locomotives, 21,500 route miles in 22 states, and 31,000 employees.
NS StreamlineNS Train 1

NS Train 2Conrail GP38-2

NS GP38-2


Aquarium Car

This fictional Aquarium car came about as a means of transporting sea life between my Zoo and Sea World destinations. Acrylic plastic and hot melt glue gun worked wonders in a matter of minutes to add a new dimension of train play.

Aquarium Car 2

Canadian Pacific new logo 2014.png Pacific System Railmap.PNG
Canadian Pacific Railway Limited, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, was founded 1881 and became the first transcontinental railway but no longer connects to the Atlantic coast. The Beaver is a national symbol of Canada representing hard work and therefore chosen as the mascot for the company. It is a Class 1 railroad with 14,000 route miles.

CP Train 1

CP Freight Train

CP Freight Train 2

CP Freight Train 2

Amtrak logo.svgAmtrak System Map.svg
The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), headquartered in Union Station Washington D.C., was established May 1, 1971, for the purpose of providing passenger rail service across the United States. While it only owns 730 route miles of track the 300 trains that run daily utilize over 21,000 miles of track nationwide. These "speed" trains run up to 150 mph between their 500+ destinations in 46 states. AMerica's TRAK has 44 routes serving more than 30 million passengers each year and employs approximately 20,000 employees.

Amtrak F40PHAmtrak F40PH 2

Amtrak passenger train


Thomas and Friends “Island of Sodor Railway” –yes, we must include Thomas in our list of famous railways.
Thomas the train had a sick start. No quite literally it was an ill beginning, but things got better… Young Christopher Awdry (not Robin) came down with a case of the Measles and during the recovery his father, Reverend Wilbert Awdry (1911-1997) would tell his son adventurous tales of talking locomotives and vehicles on the wonderful Island of Sodor. These treasured stories would become the beloved Thomas and Friends we know today.
Rev W Awdry and Peter Sam - 1988-05-14.jpg ChristopherAwdry.jpg
Wilbert Awdry stands by “Peter Sam” in 1988; Christopher Awdry in 2002

A letter to Christopher in Wilbert’s second book “Thomas the Tank Engine”

Dear Christopher,
Here is your friend Thomas, the Tank Engine.
He wanted to come out of his station-yard and see the world.
These stories tell you how he did it.
I hope you will like them because you helped me to make them.
Your Loving Daddy

The first attempt to televise the stories of Thomas the Train came in 1953 by Eric Marriott with the BBC, but the decision to air a live broadcast landed in disaster when a model Henry derailed and a huge hand had to enter the set to put Henry right again. Awdry labeled the broadcast attempt as “unprofessional”, and future broadcasts were cancelled.

Finally in 1984 a successful Thomas and Friends was established on IVT network and PBS Kids in the United States. Locomotives were remote controlled, figurines were static or employed stop-motion as necessary. Episodes were adapted directly from the 30 books written by Wilbert and Christopher Awdry.

CGI animation began in 2008 with superimposed faces and animated people/animals. Complete CGI animation commenced in 2009. Today HIT entertainment continues to deliver great stories of a timeless railway with over 400 classic episodes produced and more generated every year.

The Thomas team is underway, so this is the sneak peak...

Thomas and Friends


Steam Engines

Thomas and friends locomotives

Isaiah Steam Engine Lilia Steam Engine

Steam Train 2Steam Train 1


Passenger Trains



Bullet Train

Speed train



Subway 2Subway 3


city train 1

city train 2

Miscellaneous Trains

INRD trainIndiana Train

INRD or Indiana Rail Road was a startup in 1986 as a private regional railroad that serves Indiana, Louisville, and parts of Illinois. They have 500 miles of track, 200 full time staff, and 41 engines as of 2011.

Titan Train

The Air Force's 2021 "Titan" was 1 of 41 locomotives (numbered 2000 through 2040) built and sent to Korea for 10 years during the war (ahem, excuse me... "conflict"). 2021 received so many bullets and attacks from the enemy that the crew is said to have painted a purple heart on the faithful engine. Following the war, engine 2021 (and two other engines) were taken by the Air Force for use at Cape Canaveral where it served to transport 82 Titan rockets for launch between 1965 and 2005. It now sits on display at the Museum Rocket Garden in Cape Canaveral, FL. You can see more about it at this link. Houston, please stand by...







Railroad crossing

Speed train



Original trains from 2008

Old trains


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